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Warriors fan’s obscene LeBron James chant resurfaces after team’s NBA Finals complaint

This would never happen with Warriors fans — except for the video that shows otherwise. Boston Celtics fans spared few words as they rained expletives down on Draymond Green and the Warriors during Game 3 of the NBA Finals. After “Draymond sucks” and “F–k...

Rich and famous are paying obscene amounts for homes in South Florida

The ongoing stampede of the rich and famous into South Florida is propelling real estate prices to new highs. The average cost of a spread in Palm Beach — home to an ever-growing roster of celebrities and financiers — climbed to nearly $16 million...

Yankees, Mets both have the obscene payrolls New York teams need

Look, we get it. In Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, perhaps the notion of an Armageddon-level work stoppage was almost appealing. In Kansas City and Cleveland, the lockout probably felt less apocalyptic and more like an opportunity for profound market correction. In Minneapolis and Milwaukee, in...
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