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High cholesterol: Numbness or weakness in the leg may indicate peripheral arterial disease

The Mayo Clinic says if you have leg pain, numbness or other symptoms, don't dismiss them as a normal part of ageing.It says call your doctor and make an appointment. Even if you don't have symptoms of peripheral artery disease, you may need...

Covid symptoms: Tinnitus, seizures, hair loss & numbness are unusual symptoms warns expert

SeizuresThese are considered rare complications of Covid, but can unfortunately be a long-term issue, Dr Gut warned.It is still unclear whether Covid exacerbates a likely mild underlying problem that has not yet been diagnosed, or if it causes seizures in patients with no...

Cancer symptoms: Numbness of the tongue could signal a 'medical problem'

However, just because a person has a numb mouth does not mean they automatically have cancer.Toothpaste manufacturer Colgate lists a number of reasons for numb mouth including hypocalcaemia, vitamin deficiencies, hypoglycaemia, multiple sclerosis, psychological conditions and nerve-related paresthesia.Other potential conditions include:• Allergic reaction•...
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