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White House bristles at notion Saudis purposely exposed Biden to COVID

WASHINGTON — White House spokesman John Kirby on Wednesday slammed what he called a “ludicrous” and “ridiculous” notion that Saudi Arabia’s government may have deliberately exposed President Biden to COVID-19. Biden, 79, who had evaded the virus for more than two years, started to...

‘Deeply disturbing’: White House on notion Uvalde cops might’ve saved kids

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that it’s “deeply disturbing” that Texas officials found cops could have stopped the school shooter who murdered 21 people in Uvalde within 3 minutes — rather than 74. “The actions that we have seen and the...

No future: Manchin shuts down notion of Biden ‘Build Back Better’ comeback

Moderate Sen. Joe Manchin again shut down any possibility for Democrats to move President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda forward, telling reporters there’s not a “revival” for the legislation.  “There’s not a Build Back Better revival. There’s not,” the West Virginian Democrat told ABC...
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