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Cancer symptoms: Noticed changes to your eating? Symptoms that affect eating

NHS Inform says: “Eating problems can be caused by some cancer treatments. These can be temporary but sometimes last longer.“If you have treatment to your mouth, throat, stomach or intestine, it will take time to return to a regular eating pattern.“Treatment such as...

Diabetes symptoms: Noticed changes to your eyesight? You may have diabetes

Diabetes UK says: “No individual is the same. The symptoms you experience won’t exactly match those of another person.“However, the most common symptoms experienced by many people with diabetes are increased thirst, increased urination, feeling tired and losing weight.”It says other common diabetes...

Martin Kemp would get ‘frustrated’ with son Roman before wife Shirlie noticed warning sign

Roman Kemp, son of Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp and singer Shirlie Holliman, has been candidly opening up about his mental health. The star admitted when he first started suffering from this, he felt his dad was “frustrated” with him.Speaking last week, the...
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