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'No I am not' RMT union boss slaps down GMB host over 'six-figure salary' claims

RMT union boss Mick Lynch shut down Good Morning Britain presenter Paul Brand over his salary on Thursday's instalment of the ITV news programme.

Ozark boss admits writers axed Ruth Langmore storyline before brutal ending ‘Ended up not'

While the hallucination sequence certainly added an emotional note in the fourth and final season, Mundy went on to reveal that he and the writers initially planned to have it involved much earlier.Detailing the axed Ruth scene, Mundy went on to Gold Derby:...

'Is it a deterrent or not?' Richard Madeley puts Truss on the spot over Rwanda plan

Returning to Madeley's argument, Reid stated: "I think Richard makes a really interesting point, Liz Truss, which is that, if you're saying, 'Rwanda is a good place to be, it's safe, you're going to be looked after and there will be employment opportunities,'...
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