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High cholesterol symptoms: The warning sign that appears 'most often near the nose'

When someone is diagnosed with high cholesterol, the primary treatment options they are recommended are to improve their diet, exercise regularly, quit smoking, and reduce alcohol consumption.If these are ineffective statins may be prescribed.These medications lower the levels of cholesterol produced in the...

'Very lucky!' Rod Stewart credits 'the old nose' as reason he's bedded many stunning women

When he was told that Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones had bedded at least 2,000 women, he exclaimed that it couldn't be true."Get out of here!" he exclaimed. “You can’t bed two or three women a week, can you?"He added that he...

'Cancel culture gets right up my nose!' Keith Allen brilliantly hits out at woke world

Keith began: "Well, I was deliberately confrontational, I am talking about nearly 40 years ago, opening the comedy store, and I would deliberately bring the topic of homosexuality up."It was a very dangerous minefield at that time, and I would use that to...

Covid symptoms: Omicron 'really affects the nose' – rhinorrhoea now seen in 80% of cases

In his latest YouTube video, Professor Spector said: "Predicted cases on the rise again for the first time in weeks." The professor, who heads up the ZOE Covid symptom app, was referring to the uptick of Covid cases reported across the UK. The...
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