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‘Normal’ bowel habits – doctor’s guide to stool appearance and if something is abnormal

This is an opinion reflected by Dr Sloan: “Not all bowel habit changes are sinister. Sometimes, it is the nerve endings of the bowel that are overactive. This is a condition called irritable bowel syndrome. However, when well-managed, this can be calmed down...

BBC One schedule set to return to normal three days after Queen Elizabeth II's death

On Tuesday, her coffin is set to be brought to Edinburgh airport where Princess Anne will accompany the Queen as they travel back to Buckingham Palace before being carried to the main Bow Room.From Wednesday to Monday her coffin is set to be...

Mets’ Jacob DeGrom slowly working back to normal workload

Jacob deGrom, who made his 2022 debut just over three weeks ago, has now appeared in five games since a stress reaction in his throwing arm sidelined him for the first 102 games of the season. It’s natural, therefore, to wonder when the...

Salman Rushdie said his life was ‘relatively normal’ in recent interview

Salman Rushdie described his life as “relatively normal” in an interview just two weeks before an assailant stabbed him at an upstate writer’s event. He made the pronouncement to Germany’s “Stern” magazine, which released a transcript of the interview Saturday. The interview was conducted in...

How to check your poo: Key signs of bowel cancer in your stool – ‘know what is normal’

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK, yet millions of people are still unaware of how to spot the signs. Checking your poo and keeping an eye on abnormal changes to your toilet habits is one...

Eric Greitens: ‘Normal’ people know ‘RINO hunting’ ad ‘clearly a metaphor’

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens defends online campaign ad showing him holding a rifle and saying he's going "RINO hunting," claiming that any "normal person" understands the video is "clearly a metaphor." 
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