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‘No more mice!’ Effective 65p hack deters mice from entering homes – ‘they don’t like it’

House mice may look cute but they can be incredibly destructive creatures if they’re not removed. Mice have a very keen sense of smell which helps them significantly when it comes to avoiding traps. Fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared their...

‘They hate the smell!’: ‘Effective’ ways to prevent mice entering homes – ‘always works’

The pest control expert said: “Cayenne pepper, pepper, cloves, and peppermint oil will all deter mice from your home. Place cotton balls soaked in one or more of these oils where you've seen mice. This always works as they hate the smell.”Peppermint oil,...

‘They can’t handle the scent!’: ‘Effective’ 99p method to repel mice from homes in days

Small but able to cause mighty damage, mice have been plaguing the homes of Britons for thousands of years. Scratching away from inside of walls and under floorboards, mice are capable of causing infection, spreading bacteria and destroying possessions. Mice are usually identified...

‘Cannot stand the smell!’ – ‘Effective’ ways to banish mice in homes using natural scents

VinegarAs mice hate strong scents due to their intense sense of smell, vinegar just may be “the strongest scent” out there, especially when it is left undiluted, according to the pest guru.He said: “This strong, sour aroma is good for repelling many creatures,...
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