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Adam Frost shares ‘simple’ container method for planting spring bulbs on Gardeners' World

Adam Frost shared how to plant trees in autumn, how to add autumn colours to gardens and how to plant bulbs on this week's episode of Gardeners' World.

Anti-ageing guru, 47, shares method for 'incredible results' used by Christine Brinkley

Michelle Silva is a model who looks amazing at the age of 47. She uses TikTok share "anti-ageing tips I’ve learned in the beauty industry". She has amassed 48,000 followers on her TikTok account @therealmichellesilva, where her tips on how to look younger have got...

'Simple' method to ripen green tomatoes in cool weather – 'stimulates ripening quicker'

Tomatoes and other fruit like avocados and bananas give off the natural plant hormone ethylene gas.The gas is a natural plant hormone that regulates the plant’s growth and makes it ripen by converting the starch it stores into sugar.Chris Hodges, head of marketing...

‘They hate it!’ Banish rats from gardens with natural method that ‘destroys scent trails’

Pj Devine said: “I have a coffee grinding machine and I put the grounds around where I thought he was coming in and I haven't seen him since. My neighbours have though.”Rhonwen Lloyd Lewis replied: “They also hate chilli. I was told...

Five ‘simple hacks’ to ‘deter pesky’ spiders from your home – ‘fool-proof method’

4. CitrusAdam continued: “It’s true, spiders despite citrus fruits, so mixing your leftover lemon, lime or orange peel with water can create an excellent rub to spread over your windowsill.“You can also find citrus scented diffusers to place on your windowsill, the smell...

Main strategies for Japanese knotweed removal – one method has more 'impact' on home value

Japanese knotweed, is a perennial weed that is known for spreading quickly and aggressively. The plant is difficult to eradicate and requires professional control and removal.
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