North Korea Reopens Communications Hotline With South Korea

SEOUL—North Korea reopened direct communication lines with South Korea, raising the prospect that the Kim Jong Un regime could be ready for engagement after a protracted period of diplomatic silence. The cross-border phone line was activated at 10 a.m. Tuesday local time,

South Korea removes banners at Olympic village after IOC ruling

South Korea’s Olympic committee said Saturday it removed banners at the Olympic athletes’ village in Tokyo that referred to a 16th-century war between Korea and Japan after the International Olympic Committee ruled they were provocative. In agreeing to take down the banners,

Kim Jong Un Warns of Grave Covid-19 Situation in North Korea

SEOUL—Kim Jong Un said North Korea’s Covid-19 situation has become grave and admonished senior officials for lapses in the fight against the disease. Mr. Kim, speaking at a Politburo meeting, didn’t specify what had gone wrong. North Korea has reported zero Covid-19

Kim Jong Un Says North Korea Faces Food Crisis Due to Flooding

SEOUL— Kim Jong Un said his country’s food situation is getting tense, an acknowledgment of the continuing challenges inside North Korea following a year of major flood damage, pandemic shutdowns and ongoing sanctions. Kicking off a plenary session of North Korea’s ruling