Zoom to Buy Five9 in $14.7 BillionDeal

Zoom Video Communications Inc., the videoconferencing app that became a household name globally during the pandemic, plans to parlay some of the resulting rise in its share price into a $14.7 billion acquisition to secure future growth. The all-stock deal for Five9

Food Entrepreneur Promoted Health Benefits

When Robert M. Harris launched his own food company in 1973, he had a personal mission as well as a business plan. Mr. Harris, who died July 5 at the age of 95 at his home in Englewood, N.J., developed foods marketed

You're Paying More for Food—And You Might Not Know It

Eating is getting costlier for Americans as the food industry faces the steepest inflation in a decade. Big food makers and restaurant chains are raising prices, cutting their own costs and trying other strategies to offset higher expenses. Between shrinking grocery-store packages

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