India Monsoon Flooding Death Toll Climbs

NEW DELHI—The head of a village on India’s west coast was celebrating his birthday last week when a few local boys ran to his house with a message: The river that flowed through the village was so high that houses were being

India Flooding, Landslides Kill at Least 113

NEW DELHI—Heavy monsoon rains have pummeled the western Indian state of Maharashtra, triggering landslides and flooding that have killed at least 113 people, according to the state government. Maharashtra, home to the financial capital of Mumbai, has seen its heaviest July rainfall

China flooding kills 12, turns streets into rivers

At least 12 people died in severe flooding Tuesday in a Chinese provincial capital that trapped people in subways and schools, washed away vehicles and stranded people in their workplaces overnight. The already drenched city of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province,

Europe flooding death toll tops 150 as water recedes

BERLIN — The death toll from disastrous flooding in western Europe rose above 150 on Saturday as rescue workers toiled to clear up the devastation and prevent further damage. Police said that more than 90 people are now known to have died

Dozens Missing, 20 Dead in Heavy Flooding Across Europe

Dozens of people were feared dead and many more were missing as the worst flooding in decades caused houses to collapse in Germany, Belgium and other parts of Western Europe following days of heavy rain that swelled rivers and overloaded sewage systems.

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