No more shot-shaming: Virus surge finally pushing up vax rates

It feels like we’ve tried just about everything to push vaccinations. Now the Biden White House is recruiting “influencers”—TikTok stars, YouTubers and Twitch types, along with Olivia Rodrigo, as the New York Times reports, to convince young people to get the shots.

Column: For Biles, it finally all becomes too much

Finally, it all became too much. Simone Biles felt it hours before she took the floor in Tokyo, a nervousness she couldn’t explain as she waited to deliver what everyone except her was sure would be a gold medal for the U.S.

Americans Are Finally Checking Out on Vacation This Summer

Americans—notorious for not taking time off—appear to be getting away and even unplugging this summer. U.S. workers struggled with taking vacation time even before Covid-19 upended travel and tourism. Pre-pandemic, Americans didn’t use roughly a quarter of their annual paid time off,

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