The World's Biggest Miner Picks Profit Over Production

SYDNEY— BHP Group Ltd. BHP -2.74% ’s chief executive earlier this year reminded investors that mining companies that bet big on new production during a commodity-price bull run often end up regretting it. On Tuesday, the world’s biggest mining company backed up

Old Steel Plants Stay Idle Despite Surging Prices

Two of the nation’s largest steelmakers are keeping older mills closed, passing up a chance to sell more metal at record prices, because of the high cost of restarting and the threats to their survival from rivals’ new plants. The closures have

Commodity Price Surges Add to Inflation Fears

The run-up in commodity prices is casting a cloud over the global economic recovery, slamming vulnerable businesses and households and adding to fears that inflation could become more persistent. The world hasn’t seen such across-the-board commodity-price increases since the beginning of the