Judge Extends Facebook Antitrust Deadline

WASHINGTON—The Federal Trade Commission has until Aug. 19 to file an amended version of its antitrust lawsuit against Facebook Inc. after a judge granted the agency an extension. Judge James E. Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

The Noncompete Clause Gets a Closer Look

The noncompete clause is under review. Firms impose noncompete clauses on employees to prevent them from sharing trade secrets or proprietary information with new employers. Over time, they have been applied to swaths of the U.S. workforce, ensnaring janitors, baristas, schoolteachers and

Biden Order Targets Hospital Mergers, Surprise Medical Bills

The White House call for revised enforcement guidelines to promote hospital competition will likely amplify federal scrutiny of hospital mergers, which health economists say have raised prices. The Biden administration order, released Friday, encouraged the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission to

Biden Order Opens New Front in Battle With Big Tech

WASHINGTON—President Biden’s sweeping new competition order targets big tech companies in ways that could fundamentally alter how they do business. But it will fall to government agencies to carry out the order, and they could take years to put its ideas into

Biden to Target Railroads, Ocean Shipping in Executive Order

WASHINGTON—The Biden administration will push regulators to confront consolidation and perceived anticompetitive pricing in the ocean shipping and railroad industries as part of a broad effort to blunt the power of big business to dominate industries, according to a person familiar with

Big-Tech Critics Regroup in Push to Reshape Facebook

Critics of big tech firms cheered after prosecutors and lawmakers made moves against Facebook Inc. Recent developments have underscored the challenges in using courts and Congress to reshape those businesses. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled Monday that a Federal Trade Commission