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'Eating fats makes you fat' and 4 popular weight loss myths – debunked

Health and fitness expert Saskia Gregson-Williams exclusively told readers what they should learn - and unlearn - about food as they embark on their weight loss journey.Myth 1: Eating fats makes you fatSaskia exclusively told "People often believe they need to steer clear of...

High cholesterol: Choose healthier fats to lower levels – don't 'avoid fats altogether'

Nonetheless, the British Diabetic Association (BDA) says to help lower your cholesterol you “do not need to avoid fats altogether”. The BDA suggests you should cut down on foods high in saturated fat and replace them with food high in unsaturated fat. Indeed,...

How to lose visceral fat: The fats to cut out in your diet – 'lower your intake'

It says: “To lower your intake of these fats, stick with low-fat milk and yoghourt; lean cuts of meat and poultry, without the skin; heart-healthy margarines; and “good” fats like olive, canola and safflower oils.”It also advises: “You can find out how much...
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