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'Trust me it’s life changing': Best method to cut a bell pepper – 'so easy, so fast'

Chef Kelly Scott is a professional chef and culinary instructor who has dedicated her life to teaching others how to cook. The food expert, from Orange Country, California, posts recipes, tips, and tricks online. The former model focuses on delicious healthy, food.Now she...

'Get rid of flies really fast' with viral homemade solution using apple cider vinegar

Jacquelin Castillo runs Mom Like a Boss, a platform where the mum of three "helps moms slay mom life with the best hacks, recipes and products" . The mother has a huge social media following thanks to her tips and tricks. She boasts...

'Love going fast!' A Place In The Sun star Danni Menzies admits learning to drive at ten

DANNI MENZIES has controversially admitted she first learnt to drive at the tender age of ten, in an exclusive interview with

'Grow up so fast!' Escape to the Chateau fans in awe at Dick and Angel Strawbridge's kids

Dick said: "My eldest daughter, Charlotte , said, ‘How are Arthur and Dorothy not going to be spoilt living in a castle?’"To be fair, they haven’t known anything different, they know that you work to actually achieve the life you do. Those values...

Dr Michael Mosley shares 'right lifestyle changes' to 'burn' belly fat – 'lose it fast'

Dr Michael Mosley often shares his weight loss tips with slimmers online as well as on television. He is the creator of The Fast 800 – a diet plan that helps people lose weight quickly.Dr Mosley explained that even the slimmest people struggle...

How to reduce visceral fat: The 43p food that can help you to 'lose stomach fat fast'

Visceral fat poses grave health risks because it neighbours important organs such as the liver, stomach, kidneys, and intestines. From this position it can launch an attack, increasing the risk of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart...
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