How Biden's Executive Order Could Reshape Rail and Ocean Shipping

President Biden’s sweeping executive order signed last week laid out the administration’s priorities for promoting competitive markets and limiting corporate dominance. Among the dozens of provisions included in the order are directives aimed at railroads and ocean shipping. The administration says the

Airline Executive Pioneered Frequent-Flier Plans

Four years after Thomas Plaskett joined American Airlines , the 1978 deregulation of airfares changed almost everything about the industry. Mr. Plaskett, who died June 24 at the age of 77, spent the next 13 years in top roles at American, Continental

Biden to Target Railroads, Ocean Shipping in Executive Order

WASHINGTON—The Biden administration will push regulators to confront consolidation and perceived anticompetitive pricing in the ocean shipping and railroad industries as part of a broad effort to blunt the power of big business to dominate industries, according to a person familiar with