Delta Variant's Surge Puts Europe's Summer Reopening at Risk

The fast spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant in Spain and some other parts of Europe is prompting authorities to reintroduce restrictions, fueling fears that a new wave of infections could disrupt the region’s summer reopening. Infections in Spain are rising mainly

Delta Variant Threatens to Set Back Europe's Recovery

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly across continental Europe, raising the risk of a rebound in infections and a delay to the region’s economic comeback. The variant, first discovered in India late last year, has prompted Portugal to seal

Europe's Carbon Border Tax Plan Looms Over Global Trade

PARIS—Europe is preparing legislation that would jolt the rules of international trade by taxing imported goods based on the greenhouse gases emitted to make them, a plan that has sent shudders through the world’s supply chains and unsettled big trading partners such