More Canadian ChurchesBurn in 'Suspicious' Fires

TORONTO—A Coptic Orthodox church burned to the ground in the Canadian province of British Columbia on Monday, the latest in a string of church fires in this country deemed “suspicious” by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Police in Canada are investigating more

Canadian Graves of Indigenous Found Through Oral Histories

KAMLOOPS, British Columbia—Oral histories of children being awakened in the middle of the night to help dig graves, along with a juvenile rib bone and a tooth that had previously been found near a former government-funded boarding school for indigenous children, were

Another Indigenous Group in Canada Finds Unmarked Graves

OTTAWA—A third indigenous community in Canada says it has discovered unmarked graves near the site of a former Catholic-run residential school for indigenous children, bringing the total number made public in roughly a month to more than 1,000. The discovery comes on