Clay Travis: The 'woke virus' has taken over everything at ESPN

Reacting to ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith’s apology for a remark about MLB star Shohei Ohtani’s, appeal with American fans, Outkick founder Clay Travis said on Wednesday that the “woke virus” has taken over ESPN in recent years. ESPN’S STEPHEN A. SMITH

Clay Travis: When woke collides with woke, you get the ESPN mess

Clay Travis on Rachel Nichols’ ESPN controversy OutKick founder Clay Travis joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to react to ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols complaining about Maria Taylor getting the NBA Finals hosting gig last year over what she suggested was for ‘diversity’ reasons.

Clay Travis: Woke ruckus continues at ESPN

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton discussed the ongoing drama at ESPN between Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor on Tuesday. Clay: Buck, we were just talking about this off the air. Remember yesterday we talked about Rachel Nichols, who was really upset that

Rachel Nichols apologizes to Maria Taylor on ESPN after video

Rachel Nichols apologized to ESPN colleague Maria Taylor on air Monday after a leaked audio clip revealed Nichols, who is White, complaining about Taylor, who is Black, getting Nichols’ NBA Finals hosting gig last year for what she believed were “diversity” reasons.