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Tesco makes major change to checkout tills despite customer fury – 'boycott them!'

User @economics21st commented: “I hate the self-checkouts; always go to a person manning a till, say “hello”, and maybe have a short conversation. And they put the shopping through efficiently.”User @pipedog21 wrote: “I was at the supermarket today and it seemed like more...

'How can they get away with that!' Amazon shoppers furious as prices 'jump' at checkout

Rebecca Henry commented: “There’s been loads of 41p items this week with 31.99 postage.”Laura Overton said: “I had this with some deodorant. 41p instead of £4 but you needed to buy two.. then when you went to check out postage jumped to £29.99.”Becky...

Aldi shoppers share clever checkout hack to slow down cashiers and 'pack at the till'

Aldi is one supermarket that has speedy checkouts; customers need to be prepared to fill their shopping bags quickly, or dump it all back into the trolley, pay and pack it neatly at the packing benches behind the tills or in the boot...

Dad claims grocery workers attacked him after he complained about checkout line

A California man has accused workers at a grocery store of dragging him into a closet and delivering punishing blows after he complained about the long line at a register. John Valencia, a father of seven, told Fox 13 he went to Stater Brothers...
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