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Stomach bloating: The pre-meal snack to reduce belly-bloat by 50 percent

BLOATING can be an uncomfortable experience for many, that feeling of the tummy causing discomfort while also feeling full. A common malady, bloating can be caused in several ways, but so too can it be treated in several ways.

Foods to eat if you want a flatter stomach – ‘Reduces chance of bloating!’

Many are conscious of their figure during the summer months, and rather than focusing on extreme diets and exercise, nutrition experts from Barbend have shared the simple changes that you can make in your diet, and how Pilates can improve gut health, and...

Menopause weight loss: Foods to avoid that cause cravings and bloating- 'make adjustments'

Nutritional therapist Susie Perrie Debice, also revealed her top tips for shedding the pounds during "the change", urging sufferers to be "mindful about the strategies" they choose."You may start to notice that maintaining your normal healthy body weight becomes much more challenging; days...
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