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PIP, Universal Credit and 5 other benefits are rising – how much more will you get?


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Attendance Allowance rates 2023/24

Attendance Allowance is for people over state pension age who need help with personal care or supervision due to illness or a disability.

The benefit is paid at two rates, the lower rate and the higher rate. The amount eligible claimants receive is calculated based on how much help is required, not any current help the person does or doesn’t get.

The new lower and higher payment rates for April 2023 will be:

  • Lower rate: £68.10 per week (up from £61.85)
  • Higher rate: £101.75 per week (up from £92.40)

Carer’s Allowance rates 2023/24

Carer’s allowance is a benefit distributed to people who care for another person (who receives certain disability benefits) for at least 35 hours a week.

From April 2023, the DWP has confirmed that Carer’s Allowance will increase from £69.70 a week, to £76.75 a week. This could see eligible claimants receive up to £3,991 a year, which could be equivalent to around £332 a month.

People can choose whether they’d like to be paid weekly or monthly and funds are paid directly into the person’s specified account.

Jobseekers Allowance rates 2023/24

Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) supports people who are unemployed while they look for a job. While it’s being replaced by Universal Credit, those still claiming JSA will still see their payments increase from April.

  • For those under 25, contribution-based and income-based payments will increase from £61.05 a week to £67.22
  • For those 25 or over, these rates will rise from £77 to £84.78 a week.

Rates for couples, those with children, disabilities or caring responsibilities can be found here.


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