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'Passionate' pornstar, 23, spills on 'blood, sweat and tears' it takes to make adult films


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A Welsh porn star has spoken about the reality of working in the adult industry, claiming her move into the business changed her life “in every way, shape and form.” Lacey Amour, 23, originally from Newport, south Wales, has talked candidly about what life is like in the adult industry and how much money is available, as well as the pitfalls and hardships of working in pornography, claiming her career involves “blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice”.

The star began making adult content just over three years ago and has found success on several different sites, but predominantly works on the subscription service OnlyFans.

Ms Amour was working as a carer while waiting to begin university, intending to study nursing when she initially joined the site in 2019.

Speaking to Wales Online, Ms Amour said: “I can’t even remember the day I joined OnlyFans or how I knew it existed, it just happened. I fell into the career.”

While pornography is now her full-time job, it didn’t start that way. At first, Ms Amour said she was only earning “about £100 a month” and “was really happy with that” as it supplemented her income.

When she began at university, she quit her job as a carer and spent more time on the platform, saying: “Even then I wasn’t putting a lot into it as I was studying and had my student loan to help, but my income through OnlyFans grew to £500 per month.”

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Describing this as getting a “taste” of what she could earn, Ms Amour realised “you get out what you put in” and started dedicating more of her time to growing her online following, swiftly increasing her monthly earnings to around £2,000.

Ms Amour eventually decided to drop out of university, as her studies limited the time she could put into her OnlyFans.

Instead, she chose to spend her “every waking moment trying to grow my business”, saying “it’s growing rapidly” since she dropped out of education a year and a half ago.

Lacey Amour now has around 1,400 subscribers.

However, Ms Amour has also talked about how being on the subscription site can be challenging, saying: “You have to build a brand, just like any other business. And as the business is owned solely by me, you have to be marketing manager, sales manager, finance manager, creative director, etc.”

“You have to wear every single hat and do it well to be successful. Being successful on OnlyFans is one part luck and three parts blood, sweat and tears.”


Elaborating on what it takes to succeed as a pornstar, Ms Amour said: “You have to be passionate – if you don’t love what you do, it will show on camera.”

“It’s hard to build a business you’re not passionate about. You have to be assertive – everyone in this industry should know their boundaries and morals and be able to communicate this to others to ensure that these don’t get pushed and if they do, you must be able to stand up for yourself.”

“You must be resilient, in more ways than one. You must be able to overcome any hurdles that the industry throws at you.”

When asked if she has feared for her safety, Ms Amour replied: “As a woman, I fear for my safety all the time. As a woman who is a sex worker, men assume you’re ‘easy’, feel entitled and will try things that they wouldn’t usually try.”

“I am scared every single time I meet a new guy alone to film, even though I always take references, you never know what someone can do.”

“As for have whether I have been in a specific situation where I was in danger, no, but a lot of people in the industry have been assaulted or sexually assaulted by other creators, photographers, directors, etc.”

OnlyFans saw an explosion of popularity during the COVID-19 lockdowns, with the company now having over two million “creators” and around 180 million users. In 2022, the company reportedly brought in an astonishing £805 million in revenue.

Lacey Amour describes herself as making “a good living” from the site and credits pornography with changing her life “in every way, shape and form.”

“I have made amazing friends, I have financial freedom, I can work from anywhere in the world, I run my own business, I have set myself up for life, I have learned my boundaries and how to stand up for myself, my confidence has increased a lot, I have created incredible opportunities for myself and I have never truly been happy until now.”


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