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Kate Garraway sparks uproar over 'ghastly' Russia-Ukraine remark 'Really bad taste'

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared an attack on Ukraine, with reports of explosions near major cities across the country. The incident was the main topic of discussion during Thursday’s Good Morning Britain and saw ITV hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard speak with a number of experts on the show.

However, during one segment, Kate sparked outrage among viewers after she made a comment about having some “fun” in the studio, as she went from talking about the war in Ukraine to the new Batman movie.

“This is obviously a hugely important story and something we’re going to be covering throughout the morning,” Kate began.

“We do have a little bit of fun. Still ahead, well actually it is something we could do with right now.

“Batman, we could do with Batman, couldn’t we?”

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While Jonsi tweeted: “Let’s have some fun …. Ghastly Garraway #GMB world war….” (sic)

“At war but we still got time for a big fat bearded Batman,” user @Badsanta wrote.

Terry went on to say: “Switched on #gmb to catch up with the Ukraine crisis…they have some tool dressed as batman. #levels.” (sic)

Callum said: “On the brink of war and #GMB are discussing Batman.”

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