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Doomsday Clock is moved to the most sinister position for the very first time


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The Doomsday Clock has moved to its closest point to midnight in its history in a chilling prediction from scientists who forecast humanity’s fate. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have moved the hands on the Doomsday Clock 90 seconds to midnight. The closer the time on the clock is to midnight, the nearer the experts from the Science and Security Board of the Chicago-based group believe that the world is to an Armageddon scenario.

Amid Russia’s war in Ukraine and a deepening climate catastrophe, the scientists, who make annual predictions by moving the hands of the clock every January, appear more concerned than ever before over humanity’s fate.

The clock was created back in 1947 to warn humanity of the dangers of nuclear weapons. Still used today, the scientists encompass all kinds of threats they believe are posing a risk to human existence. The panel is made up of experts in the fields of nuclear risk, climate change, disruptive technologies and bioterrorism to name a few.

It meets twice a year to discuss the current threats and whether a clock reset is necessary. In January 23 2020, scientists decided to move the clock to 100 seconds to midnight amid “two simultaneous existential dangers – nuclear war and climate change”.

Now, they have moved the hand 10 seconds closer to midnight (100 to 90). It comes as Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine has seen President Vladimir Putin dish out terrifying nuclear threats which he claims are not “bluffs”, US President Joe Biden has warned the heat of “Armageddon” is at its most intense since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.


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