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Claim for water damage succeeds after Oakleafe’s navigation – The Crusader


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Whether you are an owner or a renter of property, leak and flood prevention has never been more important, warns Oakleafe Claims.

The modern plastic, rubber and felt materials used for pipes, cabling and roofs now have shorter life spans than traditional metals like copper. That all amounts to making more frequent condition checks a routine part of maintenance. The golden rule is: be aware of the life span of the materials used in your building.

Washing machines are a telling example. Because of the extra work involved, many people when they install a new machine, don’t renew the hose. This is a big mistake as the rubber deteriorates leading to leaks.

Most importantly don’t fall foul of being underinsured – a massive and growing problem in the UK property market. Awareness again is low and insurers generally do not flag it with customers as an issue, leaving them very exposed.

Some 70 per cent of properties are in this category, it can vastly reduce a claim settlement amount. Policies require the sum insured to be for the full cost rebuilding of a property – not its market value which is far less.

For instance a rebuild costing £1million for a property insured for £500,000 could end up, after insurance calculations, with the owners only getting £250,000. 

To avoid this, get a RICS chartered surveyor to do a Value at Risk survey, then build in a buffer for inflation. Also invest in regular dilapidation reports. 

Group policy check correct eg all details including those contributing if any CCJs – also reason for an insurer to reject a claim

Recognised insurers, based in the UK and fully UK authorised, offer the best protection and reliable responses.

Get a range of policy prices from a broker, don’t be tempted by the cheapest price on a comparison site. 

“One size does not fit all,” stresses Oakleafe Claims group managing director Lee Goodwin.

“Assessment of whether a policy is suitable may well identify things a client may never need or use.  

“It is also very important to be aware of the implications of accidental damage and bolt it on, so if a roof leaks a settlement will pay for contents damage so long as that is not down to poor maintenance.”


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