Africa Awaits Covid-19 Vaccine Donations as Cases Surge

JOHANNESBURG—In Uganda, hospitals have become so overwhelmed with new coronavirus cases that the sick are dying while waiting for a bed. In Namibia, all nonemergency surgery has been canceled to preserve space for Covid-19 patients and military hospitals have been opened for

Global Tax Deal Threatens Ireland's Prosperity

For years, Ireland has prospered from rock-bottom tax rates that have drawn some of the biggest U.S. companies to set up large operations on its shores. Now, an effort led by the U.S. to stop tax-avoidance schemes is threatening Dublin, as Washington

For Queen Elizabeth II, Biden Is U.S. President No. 13

FALMOUTH, England—President Biden will this weekend undergo a rite of passage experienced by all but one of his predecessors since World War II: a meeting while in office with Queen Elizabeth II. Mr. Biden became the 13th sitting U.S. president to meet

G-7 Summit Precautions Include Elbow Bumps

CARBIS BAY, England—World leaders descending on the rolling hills of Cornwall this weekend for the first in-person meeting of the Group of Seven leading economies after more than a year of videoconferences and phone calls found a summit that was still far

China's Deadly Ultramarathon Blamed on Negligence by Organizers

The death toll among participants in the Yellow River Stone Forest Ultramarathon was among the worst in mountain sports—exceeding even devastating climbing accidents including the 1991 Kawagarbo avalanche that killed 17—and shocked the country. Five people affiliated with the Gansu Jingsheng Sports

Biden Meets With G-7 Leaders, Hoping to Repair Frayed Ties

ST. IVES, England—World leaders were set to gather in southwestern England for a summit of the Group of Seven leading economies, where wealthy countries planned to collectively donate one billion Covid-19 vaccine doses to poorer nations and President Biden hoped to marshal

BTS Hullabaloo Exposes South Korea's Tattoo Prohibition

SEOUL—Even inside South Korea, few people realized it remains the only country where inking tattoos is illegal without a medical license. But then the obscure law crossed paths this week with something not so obscure: the K-pop band BTS. Pushing for more

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