In Cuba, Covid-19 Stress Pushes Unrest to the Edge

Castor Álvarez, a Catholic priest, has been looking for toothpaste and ground beef for weeks in Camagüey, a colonial city in central Cuba. The last time he bought soap, he had to wait in line for four hours. “I was lucky. Since

Vaccines Are Becoming Mandatory in Parts of China

Several local governments in China are planning to bar residents who haven’t been vaccinated against Covid-19 from accessing public venues, stirring controversy as the country makes a push for herd immunity. In recent days, a dozen counties and cities in the eastern

OPEC Reaches Agreement With U.A.E. Over Oil Production

Oil producers have been caught in a deadlock over plans to boost output. Photo: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg News OPEC reached a compromise with the United Arab Emirates, agreeing to lift the amount of oil the cartel member can pump as part of a

EU Readies Sweeping Economic Plan to Combat Climate Change

PARIS—The European Union is set to propose a sweeping program on Wednesday to transform the region’s economy to fight climate change, slashing its reliance on fossil fuels and potentially jolting global trade with import levies that would hit high-emitting countries. The package,

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