Brood X cicadas interfere with cars, planes, weather radar

Cicadas have taken over large swaths of the United States, interrupting sleep, causing car crashes and even bombarding President Biden on Wednesday as he prepared to board Air Force One. Trillions of the insects have emerged after 17 years underground in approximately

Photos show China's Mars rover on red planet

The dusty, rocky Martian surface and a Chinese rover and lander bearing small national flags were seen in photos released Friday that the rover took on the red planet. The four pictures released by the China National Space Administration also show the

National Geographic recognizes Southern Ocean as fifth ocean

For the first time since beginning to make maps more than a century ago, the National Geographic Society said it would recognize the Southern Ocean as the world’s fifth ocean.  The nonprofit has previously recognized four oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic. 

'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse stuns viewers around world

The “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse stunned skywatchers around the world Thursday morning.  In a cloudy New York City, the partial eclipse peeked from behind gray, puffy clouds as residents commuted to work. NASA CHIEF BILL NELSON OPTIMISTIC ABOUT SPACE EXPLORATION AS

Bear gets stuck on Arizona utility pole, video shows

A bear in southern Arizona caused quite a stir this week, along with a brief power outage, after it climbed up a utility pole and became stuck.  Utility company Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) was notified Monday morning that the bear

SEE IT: NASA probe takes stunning new shots of Ganymede

NASA plans two missions to Venus NASA aims for two new missions to Venus to learn more about the ‘lost habitable’ world; former NASA astronaut Tom Jones provides insight on ‘CAVUTO Live.’ New images from NASA’s Juno probe have provided astronomers with