NASA, USPS team up to create stunning sun stamps

The U.S. Postal Service has issued a new set of stamps celebrating 10 years of sun-watching from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).  On June 18, the stamps were presented during a ceremony at the Greenbelt Main

Periodical cicadas may emerge more frequently: report

The periodical cicadas currently singing across the eastern U.S. may emerge more frequently due to alterations in the insects’ life cycles, according to researchers. The trillions of 17-year Brood X cicadas took parks and backyards of 15 states by storm last month,

NASA launches mission for 'Equity'

NASA announced the launch of a new diversity initiative this week called “Mission Equity.”  It’s a move the agency said would aid in the effort to assess expansion and modification of its programs, grants, procurements and policies in addition to scrutinizing potential

Chinese crew enters new space station module for 3-month mission

Three Chinese astronauts arrived Thursday at China’s new space station at the start of a three-month mission, marking another milestone in the country’s ambitious space program. Their Shenzhou-12 craft connected with the space station module about six hours after taking off from

Spacewalking astronauts boosting station's solar power

Spacewalking astronauts resumed work to install powerful, new solar panels outside the International Space Station on Wednesday, after a brief interruption caused by problems with one of their suits. NASA stressed that astronaut Shane Kimbrough was safe the entire time, despite problems

Hubble Space Telescope halts amid computer trouble

The Hubble Space Telescope has been hit with computer trouble, with all astronomical viewing halted, NASA said Wednesday. The orbiting observatory has been idle since Sunday when a 1980s-era computer that controls the science instruments shut down, possibly because of a bad

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