Incredible Bike Trips You Can Easily Do Yourself

THE PHRASE “abandoned railroad corridors” probably conjures up dismal images of derelict tracks strangled with weeds. In reality, many disused railway routes across the U.S. have been resurrected as scenic bike trails thanks to the nonprofit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and many trail advocates

12 Movies for 12 Weeks of Summer

Hollywood has a message for summer audiences: Don’t try this at home. Welcome back to the movies. Not only are major action pictures headed for big-screen theatrical releases, so are the same kinds of niche documentaries and intimate dramas that flooded streaming

The Hottest Houseplant Trend, According to a Pro Stylist

BALTIMORE-BASED plant and interiors stylist Hilton Carter believes that even the most unfashionable plant can deeply gratify a doting minder. But Mr. Carter, whose eponymous collection of plant and garden accessories for Target launched in May, conceded that “variegated plants are having

How 'Pencilmation' Became a YouTube Sensation

When Ross Bollinger posted a video of an animated stick figure online in 2004, YouTube didn’t exist and the 16-year-old artist didn’t envision a web show. Today, Mr. Bollinger’s stick figure—who is named Pencilmate and has Curious George’s mischievous energy—is the star

Heavier Passengers Mean New Safety Limits for Airlines

Passengers keep getting bigger. Now airlines must account more accurately for that. The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring updates to passenger and baggage weight estimates that airlines use to keep each flight within airplane safety limits. Each U.S. airline must submit a

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