FDA allows automatic 'generic' swap for brand-name insulin

U.S. regulators took action Wednesday that will make it easier to get a cheaper, near-copy of a brand-name insulin at the drugstore. Doctors now have to specifically prescribe what’s called a biosimilar or OK substituting it for a more expensive brand-name insulin.

What is a COVID-19 vaccine 'breakthrough' case?

What is a COVID-19 vaccine “breakthrough” case? It’s when a fully vaccinated person gets infected with the coronavirus. CLICK HERE TO FIND A COVID-19 VACCINE NEAR YOU In studies, the two-dose COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna were around 95% effective at

California restaurant says it will serve only unvaccinated customers

Not vaccinated? That’s no problem for at least one California restaurant. Basilico’s in Huntington Beach, Orange County, has taken a stand against coronavirus vaccination policies, calling them “treasonous, anti-American stupidity,” in a sign posted outside the business. Earlier this week, Basilico’s posted

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