Screen all kids for heart problems, pediatricians say

All children, regardless of their athletic status, should be screened for risk of cardiac arrest, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a policy statement Monday. The group included four questions to incorporate into the screenings, including two pertaining to family history

Eating disorders surged among adolescents in pandemic

Before the pandemic, Basma O’Neill’s 15-year-old daughter was lean but healthy, with a robust appetite. But after the coronavirus pandemic hit and schools closed in Graham, Wash., her daughter spent most of her time alone in her room. She wore pajamas and

Daszak ‘recused’ from Lancet’s COVID-19 commission

The Lancet, a respected British medical journal, updated the profiles of members on its COVID-19 Commission and said Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, has been “recused” from working on the origins of the pandemic. The magazine took to Twitter on Monday

'Black fungus' infections on the rise in India: report

Cases of mucormycosis or “black fungus,” a rare but serious fungal infection, are climbing in India among some coronavirus patients, per news reports.  Infections have risen to over 30,000 in three weeks, with at least 2,100 deaths, the New York Times reported,

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