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Camilla's 'behaved quite impeccably' – perfect for Prince Charles who is 'most indecisive'

“Even though Kate is probably going to become Princess of Wales when William becomes Prince of Wales, but it’s a different thing.

“I’m not a bit surprised about Camilla becoming Queen Consort, and I think it has to be and I think it’s quite right.

“I think whether you like to love or loathe Camilla, I mean she was the most vilified woman in the world at the time of Diana’s death and was certainly not universally acclaimed in 2005 when she married Prince Charles in the Guildhall in Windsor.

“But I think she’s behaved quite impeccably since she married him and indeed she is the support that Prince Charles needs because out of all the people in the Royal Family I have met, he has always been the most indecisive person I’ve ever spoken to.

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