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Best jobs for retirees as more than a third of pensioners say they may have to 'unretire'


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A new report out this week shows almost one-third (30 percent) of older workers no longer have enough income to cover basic living costs and one in 10 older workers have no choice but to ‘unretire’ and return to work to make ends meet. Furthermore, another 26 percent said they too could be forced to return to work due to the cost of living crisis. While many retirees will be unhappy they are being forced to return to work, Express.co.uk has come up with 10 of the best jobs or side hustles for pensioners that may allow people to carry on working while still having some time to relax.

Reaching retirement age should be a chance to put one’s feet up but for many people who have reached state pension age the cost of living crisis is affecting their retirment plans.

A report out this month to cincide with National Older Workers Week has discovered that If they were afforded a choice, 66 percent of older workers would like to slow down and reduce their hours, but 41 percent can’t afford to. 

Mandy Garner, spokesperson for workingwise.co.uk, said: “For many older workers, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to retire but unable to pay the bills in their current roles.

“If we want to engage older workers and encourage them to stay in or return to the workplace, we need to understand their needs; flexible working is crucial, largely owing to health issues and caring responsibilities.”

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She continued: “We need to appreciate older workers, show them we value them and create a working environment that enables them to thrive and keep growing. Otherwise they will jump ship.

“We need to tackle ageism head-on. Starting with job adverts – which is preventing many talented older workers from even applying in the first place. We need to arm interviewees and recruiters with the knowledge to prevent ageism in the hiring process and to embrace older workers into the team.”

Catherine Foot, Director of longevity think tank Phoenix Insights, said: “With a third of the workforce already over 50 and this proportion set to continue to grow, it’s crucial that businesses are tackling age discrimination and providing the necessary support to enable employees to stay in work as long as they need to.

“Recruitment, development, reskilling and retention of older workers, along with policies aimed to support flexible working, are vital in achieving this. There is much more that needs to be done by employers and the government to reimagine the workplace as people live and work for longer and we’d encourage all employers to consider initiatives that can really make a difference.”

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It’s not the first report to find that pensioners are considering returning to work to pay for soaring food and energy prices.

My Pension Expert recently asked 2,000 people who had reached state pension age and were at least 66-years-old how they were planning to make ends meet during the cost of living crisis.

Its research discovered six percent of older people said they were likely to seek employment to help pay rising energy bills.


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