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Best companion flowers to grow with vegetables to deter pests for 'abundant harvest'

A gardening guru who grows incredible veg detailed how he will be approaching his sowing this year.

Owen Harries, also known as The Welsh Gardener, is an 18-year-old vegetable gardener from West Wales.

He posts gardening tips and inspiration on his account @thewelshgardener.

Owen spoke with about his plans for this year, and how he chooses the right flowers and vegetables to grow to complement one another.

Owen said: “I’m yet to start sowing this year, however, I am growing as much as I possibly can this year, and likely too much considering my over-sowing track record.

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“Some of the summer vegetable plants I will be sowing for the summer and spring will be salads, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, tomatoes, mangetout, runner beans, field beans, courgette, and cucumber, just to name a few.

“In terms of flowers, I will be sowing marigolds, cosmos, sweet peas, and hopefully some home-saved lupin seeds that will give me flowers for years and years to come.”

This tactic of planting flowers alongside vegetables is known as “companion planting”.

Plants can complement vegetables in numerous ways, like pest control or attracting pollinators.

Another gardening guru advised readers on how to grow dahlias. 

Lizzie, behind The Rose Press Garden, warned they can be “sensitive”. 

Lizzie said: “Dahlias are beautiful and a ‘must-have’ in any sunny spot in the garden.

“I grow mine from tubers and start them off in pots in late March or early May.”

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