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Being laid back about money can cost you £1,600 a year


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But people admitting to a very laidback spending approach stash just £70.16 a month, or £841.92 a year.

When it comes to spending money on luxuries, meanies splash out £77.52 a month – compared to more relaxed consumers who fork out almost double, £134.28.

So savvy folk spend £681.12 a year less on non-essentials compared to those with a more profligate personality.

Psychologist Prof Adrian Furnham outlined four broad character traits that many people fall into when it comes to finances: Savvy Saver, Power Player, Hopeless Romantic, and Splash the Casher.

He said: “The Splash the Casher is someone who lives for the moment, and could even be labelled irresponsible – for them, money buys freedom.

“At the other end of the spectrum, Savvy Savers try to avoid compulsive spending, and might boast about their unrivalled bargain-hunting abilities.”

A quarter of respondents knew how much was in their current account to the exact penny.

TopCashback’s Abigail Yearley, who ordered the poll, said: “Savviness can pay off in the long run.”

The study also found 49 percent of us claim to be risk-averse investors.


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