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Alex Jones’ ex-wife calls him ‘truly mentally ill’

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is “truly mentally ill” and a danger to society, his ex-wife insisted in a new interview.

Kelly Jones, 54, gave the damning verdict in an interview with “Inside Edition” just ahead of her ex being ordered to pay out $4.1 million for repeatedly calling the 2012 school slaughter in Newton, Connecticut, a hoax.

“Alex is truly mentally ill. To me, he should be protected from himself and others,” she said of the 48-year-old Infowars host, whom she was married to for eight years.

“He doesn’t have any moral compass. He lives in his own universe, and he is a very — in my opinion — delusional man.”

The ex, who has had her own legal battles with Jones over child custody, smiled when she discussed the bombshell moment her ex was told in court that his lawyers had accidentally forwarded his cellphone records, told they proved he’d lied on oath in court.

Kelly Jones talks to "Inside Edition."
Kelly Jones made the explosive claims about her Infowars ex-husband in an interview this week with “Inside Edition.”
Inside Edition

“I think we definitely saw him getting caught committing aggravated perjury,” Kelly Jones said with a big smile.

“I think you saw somebody really having what we call in Texas a ‘Come to Jesus moment,’” she said with a chuckle.

“I think that the cats out of the bag, and a lot of people are gonna be interested in that information,” she said of her conspiracy theorist ex’s phone records.

Alex Jones gives evidence in his losing court battle.
“I think we definitely saw him getting caught committing aggravated perjury,” Kelly Jones said of her ex-husband’s most explosive courtroom moment.

Kelly Jones also scornfully dismissed her ex’s claim ahead of his costly court loss that he was bankrupt.

“I know that he’s hidden money,” Kelly Jones told “Inside Edition.” “I think he’s got a lot of buckets under a lot of shelves.”

A rep for Jones didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

Jones was ordered to pay $4.1 million to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose son Jesse Lewis was among the 20 children and six educators who were slaughtered in Sandy Hook. He finally admitted in court that the mass shooting was “100% real.”

The parents had sought at least $150 million in compensation for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In a video posted on his website Thursday night, Jones again called the reduced award a major victory, while other clips pushing his company’s goods still said he was a “victim” of “rigged” courts.

Alex Jones outside court.
Alex Jones reckons his $4.1 million court loss is actually a victory because it is so much less than the $150 million sought.

“I admitted I was wrong. I admitted it was a mistake. I admitted that I followed disinformation but not on purpose. I apologized to the families. And the jury understood that,” Jones insisted.

“What I did to those families was wrong. But I didn’t do it on purpose,” he said, promising that he was going to “work on trying to make restitution.”

It likely won’t be the last judgment against Jones over his claims that the attack was staged by crisis actors in a plot to increase gun controls.

A Connecticut judge has ruled against him in a similar lawsuit brought by other victims’ families and an FBI agent who worked on the case. He also faces another trial in Austin.

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