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4-year-old found dead in freezer after note from kidnapped mom led to scene

A Las Vegas man allegedly killed his girlfriend’s 4-year-son and kept the body hidden in a freezer for almost three months — before the boy’s sister gave her teacher a chilling note from her mom that led to his arrest, according to reports.

Brandon Toseland, 35, was first arrested Tuesday on charges that he had been holding his girlfriend against her will inside his home, the Reno Gazette Journal reported.

He was charged with two counts of first-degree kidnapping after the woman’s daughter handed her elementary school teacher the alarming note in which her mother said she was being held and feared her son was dead, according to the outlet.

Police put Toseland’s home under surveillance after the teacher notified them about the note.

At one point Tuesday, Toseland and his girlfriend were observed driving off in a white Nissan sedan, which officers pulled over and noticed a handcuff attached to the front seat, according to the newspaper.

Mason Dominguez
Mason Dominguez was described by relatives as “happy, sweet, intelligent, very outgoing.”

The woman reportedly told them that her boyfriend of almost a year had locked her son, Mason Dominguez, in the master bedroom after the child fell ill in early December.

Toseland, who is not the father of his girlfriend’s two children, had told the woman that Mason died as a result of an accident, according to the Gazette Journal, which cited an arrest report.

The woman told police that after the stunning confession, Toseland took her cellphone and began “bounding/tying her” and would “handcuff her inside the vehicle, preventing her freedom of movement,” the report said.

Brandon Toseland
Brandon Toseland was first arrested Tuesday on charges that he had been holding his girlfriend against her will inside his home.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via AP

“This claim was further substantiated with the handcuff being observed in plain view in the vehicle,” investigators reportedly wrote.

Police Lt. Ray Spencer said “there are a lot of questions that we still have to answer about what occurred over the last three months,” but that investigators don’t believe the mother was involved in her son’s death.

On Wednesday, Toseland was also charged with murder after the boy’s body was reportedly discovered in a garage freezer, “hidden under a false cardboard bottom and under multiple items of food.”

Mason was described by relatives in a fundraising drive for his funeral as “happy, sweet, intelligent, very outgoing.

“He will be living on through all his family members, friends, his dad & most importantly his big sister,” it reads.

The family hopes to bury the child next to his dad, Elijah Dominguez, who died unexpectedly in January 2021 after falling ill with pneumonia at age 29 just before Thanksgiving in 2020, the Gazette Journal and KLAS-TV reported.

Mason Dominguez
Mason’s body was discovered in a garage freezer.

Toseland was scheduled return to court Thursday for the murder charge, while a status hearing for the kidnapping case was set for Feb. 28.

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